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29 Ways It Pays To Work with a Realtor®

If you’re preparing to buy a home or wanting to sell yours, you’ve had to consider this question: Should I use a realtor? A lot of home buyers and sellers on the market prefer to go at it alone, wary of the fees and cuts realtors charge. In theory, sellers especially can make more money on their home by selling themselves, but the truth is, a realtor can save both time and money. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to use a realtor, consider these benefits:

29 Ways it Pays to Work with a Realtor                       Thinking about buying or selling a home? Think about all the steps you'll personally have to complete:
  1. Determine how much you can afford.
  2. Price existing home without the input of a market expert.
  3. Check credit report.
  4. Put existing house on market.
  5. Decide where to advertise to reach best potential buyers.
  6. Host open houses to sell existing home.
  7. Schedule appointments to show current home or to see new ones.
  8. Find new home with all the features you want
  9. Investigate school system.
  10. Research neighborhoods and local amenities.
  11. Analyze comparable home sales and make offer on new home.
  12. Consider offers for current home.
  13. Review homeowner's association documents for new home.
  14. Meet home and pest inspectors for review of current home.
  15. Arrange home and pest inspections on new home.
  16. Negotiate terms... Read More


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