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This area is in North Beach.  
John's Island, a family-oriented community with a long history and heritage where the dreams of one man became a reality. Ask the families who live here what they like most about John’s Island, and they’ll tell you it’s the lifestyle. Located "where the tropics begin," ocean breezes prevail and moderate temperatures average 74 degrees. Exquisite English, Georgian, and West Indies architecture, games of golf and sport, waterfront and dining amenities - all gently wrapped in the abundant natural landscape, where access is carefully controlled and security is provided around-the-clock.

Discovered by a man who found a property so splendid, so unique, that could not, would not be spoiled by development, it has been called the perfect union of man and nature. Snarled ancient oaks trees dripping with moss and bromeliads stand among gumbo limbo trees, sabal palms, sea hibiscus, crinum lilies, and coco plum hedgerows. Mangroves fringe the Island and provide sanctuary for hundreds of exquisite waterbirds including the roseate spoonbill, great blue heron, ibis and snowy egret. The John’s Island Preservation Society has designated common areas as wildlife and bi... Read more



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