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Hurricane Preparedness ….

Power Outages
Learn what to do when the power goes out.
•    Consider a generator: These will make your life much easier during a storm, but understand the carbon monoxide risks and that your neighbors might get angry if you won’t share.
•    Connect via Twitter and Facebook on your phone: Most local news stations will send updates via FB and Twitter, which you can access on your phone if the power goes out.
•    Keep numbers of energy companies handy: Write down or store in your phone the numbers of energy providers so that you can notify them of an outage.
•    Know which foods are safe to eat: This guide explains which foods you can thaw and refreeze, how long they’ll last in your refrigerator without power, and which to throw out.
•    Use grills and pressure washers outside: Gas grills and generators carry a carbon monoxide risk.
•    Stay away from downed power lines: Let trained workers clean up the damage.
•    Have a realistic understanding of restoration times: Here you can read estimates of expected restoration times according to the strength of a hurricane.
•    Drink lots of water: When it’s hot and you don’t have A/C, drink water to stay cool and hydrated.
•    Get your vaccines early: If you’re planning on getting a vaccine soon, do it before the storm, since power outages may spoil supplies.
•    Know how to connect a generator: Don’t connect it to your home’s main power fuse.

Keep yourself entertained even when it’s storming outside and the power goes out.
•    Board games: Get out board games to keep you distracted during the storm and to play if the power goes out.
•    Read: Read when it’s light out, and save the radio battery for nighttime or news alerts only.
•    Play with your pets: Give your pets extra attention, especially if they seem stressed or scared.
•    Play charades: Games like charades or hide and go seek don’t require any power.
•    Sing: Singing will also help children relax.
•    Tell ghost stories: If little kids aren’t around, scare yourself with ghost stories during the storm.
•    Make a fort: Use blankets, furniture and flashlights to make a cozy fort for your family.

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