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Preparing Your Home for for Sale

It’s often the little things that attract people to your home, selling it more quickly and at a better price.With just a small amount of effort and a few tips from this guide, you can make your home shine.

Let your home make a lasting impression.

Your House
Your home is your castle. You’ve lived there for some time, maybe raised a family, celebrated a few milestones and along the way lived out your dreams. Within those walls you’ve created an individual lifestyle that reflects your likes and aspirations. A home cocoons, comforts and offers security, stability and a sense of pride. The Decision to Sell Can be an emotional one but it is also a time for great optimism and excitement. The next step in your life represents change, as you leave one part behind and move onwards to a new lifestyle. Someone else is in the same position – a buyer. Whoever comes looking at your house will be searching for a home that will take them into that next optimistic stage of their life. They too are making decisions and what you want to do is to help them make the right decision about your home!

“The goal is always to make your home the most appealing on the market. We want you to participate in the process of preparing your home for sale.”

Take a Critical Look Walk through the house, or ask a friend, and try to be objective.Keep in mind that rarely is a home ready to be marketed at a moment’s notice. So look critically at your home and notice the things you’ve spent years overlooking. Your aim should be to‘present’ your home in such a way that it looks its absolute best.Consider the best features of your home and most importantly put yourself in the buyer’s position. If you notice any objectionable features then you can be sure that the buyer will too. Remember the three R’s, ‘Repair, Revamp and Reap the rewards’.

You only get one chance at a strong first impression.

The Competitive Edge
Street appeal is how the house looks from the street. This first impression is crucial. A buyer should be interested enough to want to come in. If it looks good from the outside they already have an expectation that the inside will be just as good. Capitalize on this by ensuring everything is just right. In today’s marketplace, creating an emotional bond between the buyer and the home is the key to selling success. The buyer must become emotionally involved.

A buyer is looking for a home,not a house.

Dress your Home for Success

The Outside
Street appeal initially draws the buyer. Features such as a newly painted front door with polished fixtures or just a welcome mat and flowering potted plants contribute to that appeal. If your windows are sparkling, the lawns are edged and the garden is neat then you are sending a confident message to the buyer that you care about your home. Think about it as a beauty treatment for your home.

Minor Repairs
Ask yourself too if your home is physically fit? This doesn’t have to equate to expensive repairs and alterations. Buyers can be poor judges of the cost of repairs and can allow a large margin for error when making an offer on such a property. So, fix that broken screen door, clean gutters of debris and leaves,clear the letterbox of junk mail and sweep the front path. If you have a doorbell make sure it works. You can mulch garden beds and plant annual flowers for instant color and homeliness.Remove rubbish, trim back bushes that restrict natural light and keep the grass green and cut. An attractive and smart appearance will enhance your home’s appeal. A property that is poorly presented and not well maintained is a red flag for the buyer. It says beware, there is too much work to be done here!

Your home is like a book – it tells a story. And just like a book it will be judged by its cover.

The Inside
Buyers look for homes, not houses. The feeling inside your home will increase or decrease its desirability. So concentrate on creating the right atmosphere. This is easily achieved and doesn’t have to cost a cent. Remember a house is a celebration of the everyday regardless of whether it is a modern, traditional or classic home. So a bit of natural clutter such as a few magazines, notes by the telephone, a folded newspaper are expected. What is not acceptable is dirt. It is vital that a home is neat. Ruthlessly de-clutter and consider removing furniture if it makes rooms appear smaller than they really are. Take down posters, remove excess knick-knacks and keep cupboards tidy. Your items might be precious to you but a buyer needs the visual freedom to imagine their sofa in your lounge room. Too much furniture means the buyer can’t see what they really want in a home…space. But don’t go overboard and create a sterile interior. Buyers are attracted to it because it is welcoming,clean and friendly and presents a lifestyle to which they aspire.

Atmosphere Lighting is extremely important as it generates moods. Bright light makes a small space appear larger and softer light creates a warm intimate feel. So, if there are gloomy corners in your home turn the lights on even if it is sunny outside. Open all window coverings and leave some doors tantalizingly open, especially doors leading to living areas. Clean unobstructed windows let the natural light in which helps bring the garden into view.

As they walk through the home, every positive point builds a subtle advantage in the minds of the buyer.

Create pleasant smells but not overwhelming aromas, which may make a buyer think you are trying to hide something. Pay particular attention to strong cooking odors in the kitchen or pet smells including pet food bowls and cigarette smoke. Also check for dirty clothes in the laundry. Use candles, fresh flowers or try boiling a cinnamon stick or lemon peel for a fresh clean scent.

An attractive and cared for home speaks a language more powerful than words.
Don’t be hesitant about playing some soft background music but make sure it is classical. Retail specialists have proven that light classical music makes buyers stay longer and spend more.Why not use this to your advantage.

Bathrooms have the power to restore your soul and have noticeably been transformed from the purely functional to super chic. But this doesn’t mean you have to consider an expensive renovation. Update with new knobs, towel rack or simply add fluffy towels, some aromatherapy candles and perfumed soaps. A good thorough clean of the shower screen, mirrors and grouting will add sparkle to this room.

Let the benefits of your home be self evident and not left to the imagination.

An uncluttered interior makes a house look bigger than it is and a simple coordinated décor can be very appealing. Pale colors,soft textures and plenty of light will make a room a pleasant place to be in.

Outdoor living is almost as important as inside today.

The Outdoors
The outdoors can add unconscious value so make the best use of your garden,deck or veranda. Arrange some outdoor furniture, clean the BBQ and add some‘visual stunners’ such as a pair of big pots brimming with healthy plants. The outdoors is an extension of the indoors so again tidiness is vital.

Tell your agent beforehand what is special about your home.

The Inspection
By now all your efforts will be evident and you may feel you want to tell the buyer how great your home is. But most buyers will feel uncomfortable meeting you and consequently they tend to spend less time in your home and ask less questions of the agent for fear of offending you. At this crucial stage your agent is really the best person to communicate to the buyer the positive aspects and desirability of your home. Remember your agent is working for you.

Establish the Positives
Sometimes what you think may not be a selling feature can turnout to be a positive point. Consider a small garden. Some people do not want the maintenance of a large yard, especially professional couples and retired people looking to downsize.Perceived negatives can easily become positives depending on what you want and how you look at it.

Your agent is a skilled professional and will work with you to highlight those special selling features that will win the hearts of buyers.

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